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Robert DeLeon

Texas artist Robert De Leon’s paintings run the gamut in size, but he believes in putting his best effort into whatever he paints, from miniatures to murals. His work emulates that of the artists at the end of the 19th century, with he light backgrounds, and darker foregrounds. The pieces carry the air from that period of pristine beauty and unadulterated wonder. The works are inviting to the point of transporting the viewer into that era’s untouched vastness.

De Leon’s interest in art began in grade school. “Since the forth or fifth grade I knew I wanted to be an artist. I liked anything that had to do with art. Since History was his “second favorite,” combining the two fields were perfect. “Now I am using them in my business.”

De Leon’s art leans toward Western American landscapes, many depicting tribes of American Indians, such as the Sioux, Blackfeet, and Crow. “I’ve always been intrigued by their lifestyles and their struggle, “ the artist says. “I don’t paint them in fighting scenes, but in encampments, or peaceful settings. His admiration of the Old Masters and the Hudson River Artists reveals itself in his incorporation of their styles and techniques in his paintings.

For research, he photographs an area, then composes his own ideas to complete the story in his painting. The painting may turn out exactly like the photograph, or he will use artistic license to complete the setting the way he wants it to be. Well known for his panoramic Western landscapes, De Leon truly enjoys making these settings as authentic as possible. “I hear people say you get the sense you can walk right into a painting,” he notes.

Out of the Shadows
24 x 36

The Approaching Season
36 x 48 Sold!
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