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Harry Jackson

"Iroquois Guide"

"Pony Express"

"Where the Trail Forks"

Harry Jackson, the living legend.  From his days residing in New York, his service to his country as a Marine, his life in the West, Harry has remained true to his vision of capturing the strength and dignity of the people of this great land.  His subjects have ranged from the native peoples of America, the early pioneers and frontiersmen, the brave Calvary men who risked all, to the American cowboy.  Harry has defied the establishment and early critics to create a body of art so full of iconic works as to have no contemporary equal.  His recognition is documented is a number of dedicated publications and supported by the justifiably strong demand of his pieces, many of which have been sold out for decades.  His works reside in the most prestigious collections of museums, governments, corporations and private patrons.

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