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Rod Salter

"Ambush - Cougar" 24 x 36

"Courtship-Moose" 24 x 32

"Piney Presence" 32 x 24

"Gelid - Fox and Hare" 20 x 30

"Through the Snow" - Red Fox 20 x 30

"Autumn Tapestry - Owl" 36 x 18

Reflections - Snowy Owl 15 x 24

Vernal - Brown Bear 18 x 24

Rod had a humble beginning as an artist.  He was born in Sarasota, Florida in June, 1962.  Rod’s talent was evident to his parents as a toddler when he started out drawing cartoons for his grandparents at the early age of seven.  He was the youngest student in a cartoon class taught by V.T. Hamlin, creator of Alley Oop.  Rod continued his caricatures until college.  While majoring in Fine Art at Bob Jones University, he attended a wildlife show by none other than Robert Bateman.  One look and Rod knew that he had found his calling.  He then began to focus on illustrating wildlife and minored in Biology so that he could learn muscle structures and their motion to assist him in his painting.  It was in college that he began to develop the wonderful way in which he creates animal and earthly textures such as fur, feathers, bark, rock and water.  His insight with composition has created a unique style for the wildlife lover to enjoy.  Rod’s passion in art is simply a desire to create.

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