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C.B. "Buck" Mahaney
                1941 - 2020

"The Winds of War"

The inspiration for this sculpture came upon reading and viewing the Artist George Catlin’s description of the Comanche as he found them in 1834.  He placed them among the finest horsemen and light Cavalry in the world.


The Comanche, a Spanish interpretation of a Ute word meaning “one who is always against us” or enemy, ruled the staked Plains for well over one hundred years.  They drove the Lipan Apache out of Texas, pushed the Spaniards, and finally the Mexicans deep into Mexico, while holding the hated “Tejanos” Texans at bay for sixty years.  Only Mr. Colt’s invention of the revolving pistol in 1836 enabled the Texas Rangers to seize the advantage in a fight from horseback.



One had only to spend a few moments with Buck Mahaney to realize he was a true renaissance man.  Born March 15, 1941, Buck spent most of his adulthood living a free life style to the envy of most city dwellers.


Buck lived on several acres in spacious Texas.  The cedar, glass, and stone home he built houses his studio, which is, itself, a haven from the hectic world outside; filled with memorabilia, trophies, and artifacts.


As a young man, Buck traveled around the world as part of a successful family business: Big game hunting in Africa, bow hunting in the Amazon basin, fishing and hunting from Old Mexico north to Canada and Alaska.  He enjoyed the outdoors, having his own space and plenty of it.  “That’s why I live at the end of the road.”


While many artists may capture an event, very few can recreate it and make you experience it.  Buck was one of these few.  His sculptures stand alone, in both content and beauty, capturing all the emotions and action of the moment.


Buck had an excellent eye and is known for his outstanding ability with both gun and bow.  When he was in his thirties he began to use that sharp eye/hand coordination as an artist.  He began painting and sketching.  It wasn’t long, however, before Buck’s real talent took hold and he began fashioning fine art bronzes in the old west tradition.


While he remains well-known for his wild animals, Buck’s latest works reflect the spirit and adventure of the Western frontier and the Native Americans.  Before crafting each piece, Buck meticulously researches his topic by speaking to experts, historians, and even the Indians themselves.  Each feather, each tomahawk, all is crafted until every detail is right.


In 1990, Buck was honored as one of the top artists in the Southwest by the Texas State Legislature.  His works have been presented to former Governor Bill Clements, President George W. Bush, Jr., and even a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  They can also be found among many prominent collections, such as that of the Rockefeller family.  He has never had an art lesson in his life.  Buck focused all of his attention towards his sculpting, resulting in some of the finest original works available today.

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